Tariq Qureishy – 100% MAD

When you stumble across the same person twice in two weeks you begin to think that the Universe is conspiring and it’s time to take notice. Tariq Qureishy first absorbed our attention warming the stage for an International speakerStart up grind - Tariq Qureishy, whom will remain nameless because we found Tariq far more engaging than the main act. His passing resemblance to famous actor Erick Avari stuck in our minds and it was with great surprise that he was in the hot seat for Google’s Start Up Grind at Hult Business School.

Tariq’s history is a myriad of accolades and achievements, but what is most inspiring is his youthful exuberance and thirst for the future. A certified trailblazer, he capitalised on the tech space in emerging markets during his time at Dow Jones Markets, launched Mobile Aid seven years ahead of the curve and breathed fresh life into The Time & Sunday Times print edition when everyone else was going digital.

He is a proponent of whole-brain-thinking, that he exudes in each of his endeavours. Think Leonardo De Vinci, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Elizabeth Holmes, each one a beautiful homogeny of engineer and artist. It was these attributes that Tariq referenced most when asked what it takes for entrepreneurial start-up success, that as well as his 5 P’s. Purpose, Plan It, People, Prosperity and Profit.  It is also his choice of role models that is so typical of his approach to life, including inspirations both younger and older than him.


On the topic of Elon Musk, Tariq also mentioned Richard Branson and their innate passion for daydreaming. They believe nothing is impossible and once striking their stick in the ground are unwavering in pursuit of their dream. It was in this spirit that Tariq Qureishy went 100% MAD.

100% MAD

MAD or Make A Difference is Tariq’s social enterprise aiming to raise US$1 billion by 2020, donating the entire amount to charity. He is changing the world of philanthropy by democratising it through digital technology and addressing the critical issues facing our generation. He discusses how cementing such a concrete promise in the epicentre of his mission frees the mind and opens it to endless possibilities. I have no doubt that Tariq will succeed alongside his other moon shots to win the X Prize and The Nobel Peace Prize. He spoke of what would be written on his epitaph, but I am sure we will not have to wait anywhere near that long to see the tremendous results of his work alongside the likes of Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra.

In closing Tariq discussed how hindsight is a beautiful thing, but that you should never be afraid to fail fast, fail frugally and fail forward. Look for the gaps, these are where the opportunities lie; or launch projects in New Zealand he advises, only the sheep will notice you screw up there! 

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